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«For The Next Day» Press Release

Photo by Oli Zitch

After three years of experimenting with minimalistic approaches to making music, the electronic band “2sleepy” is finally releasing their new album, recorded in three different countries.

“2sleepy” band was formed in Kyiv, Ukraine in 2005. The band has released two LPs, “Fragments of Sleep” (2006, Laridae) and “Art Fraud” (2008, YAoK music), as well as the soundtrack to the restored version of the classic film “Perekop” (1930) by Ivan Kavaleridze. However, in 2012 the band had to halt their artistic endeavors when its members moved to different countries.

In 2015 the band started to record their new material, which took them three years to finish . During this period, the musicians were not able to meet in person, but continued their work by communicating online and synchronizing their project files via cloud services.

People involved in the project were spread across five different countries: the music was recorded in the USA, Poland, and Ukraine, and the album was mixed in Bulgaria by Stanislav Donev at RETROstudio. The artwork was created in Japan by Keito Kiyofuji and the cover art was drawn by the painter and poet Ari Wolff in New York.

The artists felt that it was natural for them to work in this way; contemporary technology allowed the musicians to record the album without ever meeting in person. In contrast to their dependency on cloud services and other modern technologies, the members of the band adopted a very different technological approach when it came to actually making the music - they used an old-fashioned “retro” software from the early 2000s to record the album. Although this choice was, in some respects, very self-limiting, the members of the band firmly believed that such ascetic simplicity inspired them to be more creative. When making the album, the musicians pursued the very specific goals: by simplifying the range of their software instruments, they aimed to escape from the infinite loop of never-ending sound-design and overproducing, and by narrowing the range of creative choices they tried to make the music more “raw” and energetic.

Band name: 2sleepy

Music style: Electronica, Downtempo, IDM, Glitch-Hop, Lo-fi

Country: USA, Ukraine, Poland

Band members:

Seva Solntsev: keyboards, programming, guitars

Andriy Prokopenko: keyboards, programming

Yuriy Marchenko: keyboards, programming, guitars

Interesting facts:

  • The name of the band was inspired by phrase “Let’s talk about it later, I’m too sleepy” while discussing possible band names.

  • Their previous album “Art Fraud” was named as one of the best albums of 2008 by multiple Ukrainian publications.

  • Album title “For The Next Day” is self-irony over band’s own procrastination.

  • In the track “Let Me In”, a sampled meow of the cat was used as a solo, which is Seva Solntsev’ favorite part.

  • Track “16th Floor” is a reference to the Haruki Murakami’s book “Dance, Dance, Dance”

  • Track “Post Emotions” is one of the band’s very first tracks, which they have been performing live since 2006, until it was finally recorded in 2017.

  • While working on “For The Next Day”, the band created on average 16 versions of each track.

Contact information:

The album was released on November 22nd, 2018.

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